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Our Workout Philosophy

Although exercise is great for the body and mind, rarely does it provide the desired results.  Working out isn't just about movement, it's moving with a purpose and direction.  Our workouts will always have a long term purpose in mind that provide the short term benefits:  cardiovascular improvement, increased strength, improved mobility, physical and mental stamina. 


Our 60 minute+ workouts will push your limits as to what you thought you could do and force your body to adapt to the stresses we impose but in a safe and structured format.  Workouts will be tailored to all abilities and provide progressions for top athletes as well as regressions to accommodate movement limitations or injuries. 


Every workout will be unique, challenging, and designed with a purpose.  Movements will be full-bodied, utilize varying weights of dumbbells, equipment, and functional training tools.    


Our workouts are never really "accomplished", they are considered a strong "vote" for improving your body.  Every decision you make during the day is either a "vote" FOR or AGAINST you becoming a better version of yourself. 


Our virtual workouts are conducted via Zoom from the comfort of your home.  They still provide interactive coaching, motivation and form correction throughout the workout.  Multiple sets of dumbbells will be needed to participate.   Additional equipment will be provided as the programming dictates 

Workout with Dumbbells

Outdoor Group

Outdoor workouts will be held at Unity Church in North Austin regardless of weather conditions.  These outdoor workouts provide more open space to run and encourage fellow athletes.  Multiple sets of dumbbells will be needed to participate along with a fitness mat.   Additional equipment will be provided as the programming dictates. 

*Social Distancing Is Mandatory*  

Fitness Group

Virtual Schedule

All virtual classes start at the times listed below.  

All workouts will be hosted live on Zoom (Recordings Available)

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 7.54.25 PM.png
Group Workout

Outdoor Schedule 

All outdoor workouts are held at Unity Church on Anderson Mill Road in North Austin

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