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The Cost Of Your Investment 

$169.00 Per Month

Regardless if you participate in one workout or take advantage of the entire program details, it's a flat investment of $89 per month.  There is no long-term commitment. 

The program entails -

  • Interactive coaching during all workouts

  • Special equipment on loan (TRX, Slam balls etc)

  • Monthly In-Body composition analysis 

  • Daily accountability for attendance 

  • Nutrition tracking and guidance 

  • Habit modifications to align with your specific goals

  • Bi-weekly yoga to improve flexibility and recovery 

  • Discounts at local recovery shops (Cryotherapy)

  • Sleep and recovery counseling

If you are just wanting to go through the motions, this might not be for you. There are plenty of other programs out there that just let you do your own thing. 

Remember-your "fitness journey" NEVER stops.  It's either improving or regressing.  It will never improve if you stop.   

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