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Be Uncomfortable

My goal will be to make you uncomfortable.  Staying in your comfort zone to check a box is less that ideal.  Most of the time being uncomfortable will require and open mindset.

Be Consistent 

Being consistent is half the battle.  Doing a workout "once in a while" isn't going to drive change nor make a difference.   Make a commitment to be active EVERY day. 

Be Positive

Be positive towards yourself and others in our community.  Growth and health cannot exist with a mind filled with negativity.  We understand life has it's curve balls - just know that we are here to help you.  

Be Grateful

Be grateful for your abilities.  We all have limitations and our bodies were made to push the boundaries.  Do not focus on the abilities you wish to have - maximize the ones you do.  There is where the change will occur. 

360 View

Approach your health by looking at ALL angles.  Be willing to change your "habits".   These include: sleep, nutrition, alcohol, routines, schedules, and bringing your mind to rest.  

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